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Anonymous: but it is still kinda sorta cute. just kinda. :~)

Kinda sorta cute, just like you xoxoxo

Anonymous: This blog hasn't changed a single bit since the last time I decided to ~harass~ you, gg. lmao step your game up, bruv

Deontaeeeeeeee!!!!! Oh my god, I only just saw this!!!!! How are you pal? I love how you’re still stalking me after all this time, it must have been love right?! My game doesn’t need to be stepped up, my game is doing just fine, bruvvvvv!

neonlilies: Excellent taste. This will keep me inspired for quite a while, thank you

I’m glad it will, no problem? :)

zootzed: i really dig your style yo. mad props to ya.

Haha, cheers pal! :)


Today’s Classic: Peter Nicolai Arbo (1831-1892)

1. Åsgardsreien or The Wild Hunt of Odin (1872)

2. Valkyrie (1865)

3. Dagr (1874)

4. The Battle of Stamford Bridge (1870)

5. Unknown name and date